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This is a website template by Callisto Digital Studio.

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Recipe and food blog Webflow website template.

Crafted for food and drink bloggers and content creators. This professional blog template is easy to manage, has all the features you need to engage your readers, and is perfect for sharing recipes.

Pages and Features

With over 12 strategically designed pages to engage readers, our template includes features such as categories, recipe and author cards, cross-promotion of recipes, support for multiple authors, a lifestyle blog, and search capability.

Custom Creative Sections

Easily rearrange, add, or remove the variety of pre-built section designs to suit your layout needs. Our clear site structure makes integrating custom sections into our template a straightforward process.

Make It Your Own

Easily incorporate your brand identity with the Template Style Guide, instantly updating the template and ensuring consistency on every page. Additionally, we've created an easy-to-follow guide to help you in the process.

Access the Figma file

Send an email to with your purchase receipt and receive the editable Figma file for the All You Can Eat template at no extra cost.

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Check out our blog for a step by step guide containing tips and resources for customizing the template in the Webflow Designer.

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